Christmas Commercialized

The holiday season can surely be one of the most stressful times of the year. From running from store to store searching for the perfect gift to pondering just how on earth you’ll be able to make it to every Christmas party, I’ve no doubt that each of us is beyond busy. 

But could it be possible that there’s more to all of this? After all, what’s the point in giving someone a present or stringing lights up on the rooftop? Sure, it’s a time of appreciation, but just where are the roots of this millennium-long tradition? 

Jesus. Plain and simple. 

Our society has exploded into spending-obsessed over-doers who try so hard to outdo something that they forget what the purpose is in the first place. 

What if we took away all of the presents, all of the festivities, all of the holiday treats, all of the lights, all of the songs, all of the snow, all of the decorations, and all of the festivities?

Do you ever wonder if that could mean more?

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Drive? I just want docs, what does drive have to do with anything?

I miss Charles so much. There’s no mouse whom could ever replace him. I’ll never forget the way he always used to snuggle and sit on my shoulders, and we had really big dreams for the future. I told him secrets and all about how much I like Christmas and its just shocking to think how that can never, ever happen again. And maybe crying for hours isn’t the best bet, but there’s no way to be rational because Charles is gone an it’s probably all my fault. Even if I barely told you, I loved you Charles. ):


It Gets Better.

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All the single ladies


All the single ladies

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